The Real Estate Scene in Singapore

In the course of my real estate profession travel, I’ve seen the ugly and the gorgeous sides of the industry in Singapore florence residences showflat . Regrettably, the nasty side takes the Majority of the functions:

1) The unbelievable bad attitude of some frauds;

2) The Incorrect education imparted by some group leaders from various bureaus for their down-lines;

3) Clients are offenders also. Yes.

4) Some attorneys with hardly any comprehension of conveyance processes, attempt to prove their value, push all of the blames into the realtors, in Order to eliminate, as, the term’attorneys’ carries more weight than the term’realtors’ I assumed;

Together with that, regardless of that the stigma of’cowboy business’ adheres to the business, here in Singapore.

Agents with very little if any understanding of the prospects’ needs, frequently waste their time, their prospects’ time along with also the co-broke brokers’ time, at the title of self-center.

Team managers imparting incorrect education to their down-lines, is that the arrival of dishonest agents.

Agencies and group managers that frequently grade themselves as the’1st’ from the market, cause the creation of goose bumps all over my body.This keeps emerging on the classified ads Each and Every day with:

‘The Number 1 Real Estate Agency’; or’The Number One Team at ABC Agency’.

In Singapore, many property buyers want to manage the number one property business and the number one broker. In my view, this can be over-rated. Clients are fooled, overwhelmed and confused by lots of number 1s on the market.