How to Create a Christian Music List For Worship

In this article I want to reveal some basic insights into how to form a music list for a Christian worship service. I will cover these five phases. Starting with the first phase where you will pray for direction. Next you will want to seek advice from with the Louvor . Then you will need to locate the songs that reinforce the message. Once you have the songs you will need to arrange them in an organized list. Finally, you will then consolidate the list and firm up the results. Let’s start with the first phase.

First you need to seek God’s direction and guidance. When you are given the task of picking song for a worship service, it’s a good idea to pray. Let the Holy Spirit to show you what to do. Now that you have prayed, let’s continue with the next phase.

You will want to talk to your pastor about the worship service. By doing this you will understand the direction the pastor is going. In your discussion find out what the theme of the message will be. If the theme is about “The Resurrection of Jesus”, this will provide you with guidance as to what kind of songs to pick. In this case you want to find songs that deal with the theme of “Resurrection”. Also, you will also want to know about any unique Bible verses that will be used in the message. By knowing what Bible verses are being used will assist you in finding the right songs. Use a song book that has Bible verse references in it. Sometimes you will find a Bible verse that fits verse or verses picked by the pastor. Also, the pastor may have a song in mind want included. Now that you have a good idea of the message you need to find the right songs.

Use your music library to find songs. There are probably hundreds of hymnals and song books you can use to find songs appropriate the worship service. Another option to consider is using the Internet to locate your songs. Simply use your search engine of choice and begin browsing for songs. Now get a notepad and pencil to write down all the songs that fit the direction of the message.